Making a Magnificent Music Room

My music room has never really been pretty.  The room is great, it is just I don’t really DO much to make it look good.  I am just….how do you say…lazy.  Just lazy.

Well, that is all changing this school year.  I have finally decided to get my act together and make a magnificent music room!  And I am sharing everything I have made with you.

Recorder Fingerings

I hang recorder fingerings below the chalkboard/whiteboard in the front of the classroom. I snazzed up my fingerings this year by printing them on scrapbook paper.  Simple!  And if I get tired of the way they look next year, I can just print them on different paper.  You can print them, too!  Just click here.

Sol-Fege and Curwen Hand Signs

I use this bulletin board more than any other.  The syllables alternate in color – this makes it easy for the kids to spot which are on lines and spaces when decoding music!  For example, if do is on a line, then all the other reds (mi, sol, ti) will be on a line.  And the others (re, fa, la, high do) will be on spaces.

For my bulletin board, I printed out the file, cut the page in half, and taped them down side-by-side.  Print out your own here!

Music Memory

I use the UIL Music Memory pieces as listening for grades 1-5.  I always hang the names of the pieces on my cabinet doors so we can do relay races.  I split the kids into teams, play one of the pieces, and the kids have to race across the room to slap the piece they hear.  It is super-fun. Here they are for you to print!

Rules, Rewards, and Consequences

I am using some new rules this year.  I got them from Mrs. Marcades’ website at South Elementary School, and I think they are really cute! Print them here.

My rewards and consequences are the same as always.  The kids love getting bragged on!  For tough classes, I usually let the kids who are listening go without shoes for the day, but I don’t put that on the official poster.  I have to have some secrets!  If you want to use my rewards and consequences, here they are.

To keep track of class behavior, I use a little tool I read about in Southwestern Musician a few years ago.  I have letters that spell out “music” on magnets.  I hang them at the top of my chalkboard.  If there are more than a few kids not following a standard classroom norm (talking when I am talking, moving around the room), I take down a letter.  If they lose all five letters, they have had a bad day, and I tell their teacher.  Works really well!  If you want them in the same font – here you go!

What Time is It?

I hang this by my clock.  I got it out of a book when I first started teaching music, and I have used it ever since!  The sign goes above the clock, and I hang different time signatures all around the clock itself.  Learning even when they don’t want to…take that, kids!!  You can print the sign here…the time signatures aren’t in the link, though.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs!

These are sort of boring, but necessary in my room!  I have made up just some basic signs to label different things.  If you want them, you can have them!
Composer Corner
Word Wall
Rhythm Bank
Instrument Family Signs
Who’s Out (for my sign-out white board)
Numbers (for cabinet labels)

Storage, Curtains, and Labels

Here are a few extras I am working on to sprinkle around the room.  This is the fun stuff!  You can’t print these, but I thought I would share anyway.

My room has been really dusty since our custodian’s hours have been reduced.  I decided to make heavy canvas curtains for my instrument shelves and computer cart. I added ric-rac for fun and drew on some designs with sharpies.  I like the way they came out!  Once I get all of my instruments out of their summer storage closet, I plan on making dust covers for my bass instruments.

One of my favorite things I made for my room is an awesome floor pouf to sit on while I play the bigger Orff instruments.  I know it will make things a lot more comfortable!

LOVE!! boxes from the Dollar Store, cover with scrapbook paper of your choice, and attached them to white board with magnetic clips. They hold remotes, chart markers, dry erase markers, erasers, and board clips.

Like everyone, I have a million pins on Pinterest.  I am on a mission to actually USE all those good ideas.  Here is one almost all my teacher friends have pinned:

It is a great idea from  I tromped on down to the Dollar Tree (ahhh, Dollar Tree) and bought myself some dollar boxes (ahhh, dollar boxes).  I covered them up in the same scrapbook paper I am using everywhere else.  Voila!

And, finally, here is my take on the cereal box magazine file.  So simple!  So cheap!

Our school theme this year is Peace, Love, Learning.  That means you will be seeing a lot of tie-dye around the school this year.  Not in my room.  I am going for the traditional hippie look…washed out floral patterns and nature themes.  And I am going to stop shaving this year.  Gotta go for the authentic flavor.

The font I used is Pussycat.  The paper is just a double-sided pack from Michael’s.

How are you getting ready for the school year?  Do you have a bulletin board for ME?  Send it over!


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26 thoughts on “Making a Magnificent Music Room

  1. How did you affix your clouds to the ceiling? I LOVE them and they had been on my “to do” list that had not yet gotten done. THANKS!

    • No problem! I haven’t hung my clouds up yet. Cherie said she climbed a big ladder and stapled hers up. I have a tile ceiling, so I think I am going to hang mine at the very top of the wall, above the bulletin boards. I think this will hold better – I don’t want them to fall when we use the parachute! :)

  2. love the name of your site! if you have the large acoustic tile ceiling you can lift them up (carefully, they are are crumbly on the edges) and use fishing line to hang things from the cross bars.

    • Thanks! Ginger the art teacher thought it up. She is sort of a genius!

      Good idea about tying the clouds! I will see how hot it is in my classroom the day I hang the clouds…I get less adventurous as the Fahrenheit goes up! :)

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  4. I am a second year elementary Music teacher and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that you share all of your resources! So happy I stumbled upon your blog (yay pinterest). Looking forward to using a lot of your ideas!!

    • Very good to hear! Glad you can use it. I know I got everything I know from other teachers. It is so hard when we are the only ones who teach our subject on a campus – the internet really helps share ideas! Hope your year is great!

      -Lauren :)

  5. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the room never looking all that nice. This is going on my third year teaching and I finally decided to buckle down this summer and make a nice classroom for my kids to enjoy. It took many days of hard work, but it has totally paid off! I have gotten compliments from the kids and the staff! :) You can check out my room at my blog: (I teach in two different districts so there is a post about both classrooms. One is called – Preparing for a Another Year – and the other is called – Decorating Fairview)

    • I just realized I never replied to your note! I have been reading your blog for a while now. I really enjoy it!! Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas. I am following your blog NOW! :)

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  7. Great stuff! Motivates me to actually change up my decor. It’s been the same for 4 years lol. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Brittany! I used to never decorate my classroom. I would just put up some posters. I am so much happier in my classroom now! Every day I go home happy!

      Share some pics if you come up with something cool!

  8. Thanks for your great ideas. I have a tile ceiling with metal bars holding them. I printed the clouds and used magnets to attach them to the metal bars all around the ceiling. I tried 3M double sided squares, but because I used paper, glued them to cardstock and them laminnated them, they were too heavy to use the stickies. They look great.

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